Black Dragon Pictograph.  Did the native artist see a pterosaur?

This pictograph of an apparent Pterosaur, is located near Green River, Utah.  It was drawn directly under a cave high up on the cliff.  Did the ancient artist draw what he observed flying out of that cave?  Are there other reports of humans seeing creatures that supposedly lived millions of years before the so called "evolution" of man?

Artist rendering of what a pterosaur may have looked like.

Black Dragon Pictograph located 12 miles west of Green River, Utah.

Discovery News Editor, Chuck Anderson, traveled to the site of the Black Dragon pictograph in March, 2009.  For the complete story and directions to this unique Indian picture, CLICK HERE.

There have even been modern day sightings of these strange creatures.  The following photographs were from just over 100 years ago:

Union soldiers and a pterosaur.  True picture or a fake?

The pictures shown here appear to be authentic but we have no way to confirm where they came from.  However, stories abound of people seeing strange flying creatures that frightened them half to death!

We wonder if the petroglyph shown below is a Native American's testimony of seeing the same type of creatures.  It is possible that all of the pictures of "Thunderbirds" were actually depictions of flying reptiles like the Pterosaur.

Native American Thunderbird . . . was this a flying reptile or Pterosaur?


We are more prone to believe the written testimony of renown historians like Herodotus and Aristotle than our own contemporaries but here are some fascinating testimonies of more recent sightings of "strange winged creatures without feathers":

Here is an email message I recently received on February 2, 2012:  "I saw a flying creature last night near my apartment at about 11:45pm. Its color almost matched the night sky perfectly. The wing span was approximately 15 feet and it silently soared overhead. i would not have noticed the creature had i not been looking up at the sky at the time. It flew in a northward direction directly above my apartments which are about 2 and a half stories tall. Never have i seen anything like it. Definitely looked prehistoric. no feathers instead a leathery appearance similar to a bat. Please contact me if you look into this sort of thing. This suggests to me in order to exist at least a thousand or more gene pool must be present. Truly amazing to me and not very many people would believe what i saw so i keep it to myself mostly. Would love to share this with someone who has knowledge on the subject.! Where might such a large creature sleep. It appears to me it is nocturnal.           Sincerely, Roxana Murray

Another reported and recent testimony: 

"It was around 9am on a Sunday morning in Oct. of 2005. I was in Mount Vernon, Ohio. I was coming to preach at a church out in the country (the same church I will soon be the church plant pastor of). This had been my first visit there to preach.

There were many times in the trip that I slowed down because I wasn't sure I was still on the correct road or didn't want to pass the church (i.e., blink and you miss it). At one of those times I happen to notice a creature in the sky. Having no one behind me I took a moment to slow the car down and take a look at it. To my estimation it appeared to have no feathers. It was a leathery grayish color. The beak seemed to protrude from its face not like a separate part of the head, but looking to be the same color, etc. It's wings did not look like bird wings, but also appeared leathery and bat-like (I have seen actual bats in caves and zoos). The kicker, for me, was the tail: longer than most bird tails I am used to, no feathers, and with a diamond-shaped point at the end.

I know how people can have a stigma about persons who have stories like mine, so I have been careful not to tell many people. I also have made it a point to look at the birds in Mount Vernon, Ohio. They are larger--many of the them--than in the lower central and southern areas of Ohio where I lived before, or grew up. However, all of the others birds I have seen have clearly had feathers on the body, wings, and tails, with beaks that look different from the rest of their facial make up (and certainly none with a diamond-shape point at the end of a long tail or bat-like wings)."

God bless you,      Mark 3/06

There is another account of a living Pterosaur from April of 1890.   This time the eyewitness were two men riding horses across the hot Arizona desert  (just outside of Tombstone). They noticed a large flying reptile with a six foot wing span and long slender body. As it was about to land the men shot and killed the creature.  (The following picture is from "Dinosaurs By Design" written by Duane Gish and available at

Knowing this was a significant find, the men are said to have cut off part of the wing and brought it back to town with them.

In his book "Dinosaurs by Design" Duane Gish speaks of the above pterosaur and believes it is a Quetzalcoatlus (ket-sol-ko-AT-lus). He bases this on the fossil Quetzalcoatlus found in 1972 at Big Bend National Park, Texas. This confirms they did indeed live in the general area.

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Fran Barnes, a recognized authority on rock art of the American southwest, wrote,  "In the San Rafael Swell, there is a pictograph (picture symbol) that looks very much like a pterosaur, a Cretaceous flying reptile."





Historians like Aristotle and Herodotus recorded that they saw flying reptiles when they were alive!

Aristotle reported seeing flying reptiles!Herodotus also reported flying reptiles were seen when he was alive!

"There is a place in Arabia, situated very near the city of Buto, to which I went, on hearing of some winged serpents; and when I arrived there, I saw bones and spines of serpents, in such quantities as it would be impossible to describe.  The form of the serpent is like that of the water-snake, but he has wings without feathers, and as like as possible to the wings of a bat."  Herodotus

In  his third volume Herodotus goes on to tell how these animals could sometimes be found in the Arabian spice groves.  He described their size, coloration and reproduction.  It appears that flying serpents were infamous for hanging in frankincense trees.  When workers wanted to gather the tree's incense, they would employ putrid smoke to drive the flying serpents away.



Old picture of civil war era soldiers and a flying reptile.  True picture or a fake?  If you have information about this photograph, please write us at

Another picture that appears to be very old.  There are many reports of people seeing these strange flying creatures.


Biblical references to flying serpents:

There are numerous texts that refer to "fiery serpents" but two in particular refer to "fiery FLYING serpents" --

"The burden of the beasts of the Negev (desert).  Into the land of trouble and anguish, from where come the young and old lion, the viper and FIERY FLYING SERPENT . . . "  Isaiah 30:6

" . . . for out of the serpent's root shall come forth an adder, and his fruit shall be a FIERY, FLYING SERPENT . . . "               Isaiah 14:29

The Hebrews words that make up the phrase "fiery flying serpent" are most revealing:

"Fiery" is actually the Hebrew word "ruwm" meaning high altitude or flying.

"Serpent" is used throughout the Old Testament to refer to poisonous snakes or reptiles.

"Flying" is the Hebrew word "uwph" and means literally "winged" and "shine forth".  Notice, from the picture below, how the wings of this creature appear to literally shine because of the thin nature of the flesh covered wings:

These flying creatures, sometimes referred to as ROPENS or PTEROSAURS were supposed to have become extinct 65 million years ago according to evolutionary philosophers . . . apparently something is wrong with their theory!


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Modern day pterosaurs / ropens?