Amazing Discovery Near Montrose, Colorado


Malachite_Man_1971In 1971 a heavy equipment operator made a startling discovery in a layer of Dakota Sandstone which is part of the Lower Cretaceous strata.  The Lower Cretaceous strata is known for its dinosaur fossils and according to the evolutionary time table and is supposedly 140 million years old.  This is the same rock strata where numerous dinosaur fossils have been found at Dinosaur National Monument.

Malachite_Man_closeupThe skeletons of ten perfectly modern human beings were found fifty eight feet down in the Dakota Sandstone.  At least four of the individuals were female, one was an infant, and the rest were men.  The amazing thing is that some the fossils were articulated or found in their natural body positions which indicates they were quickly buried by some sort of catastrophic flood and mud slide.

The bones have been partially replaced with malachite which is a green mineral and turquoise thus they have been named "Malachite Man".

Some have argued that this group of people may have been involved in a mining operation and their tunnel may have collapsed.  This does not answer the question why women and an infant would be 58 feet underground in a mine . . . and it has been observed that not digging or mining tools have been found. 


This group of people were buried by mud and became part of the Dakota Sandstone strata as a lasting testimony that something catastrophic happened years ago, probably at the same time that millions of dinosaurs were buried alive in the same rock strata.

The point, is, man and dinosaur obviously lived at the same time.  This totally destroys the philosophical theory of evolution that declares that dinosaurs disappeared from the earth millions of years before the evolution of man.

Malachite_Man_femurDr. Don Patton is shown here in 1990 holding a human femur which had been found at the site.  He had personally excavated this leg bone just moments before this photo.  Note the green malachite that replaced the original bone.



Malachite_Man_truquoise_jawThis perfectly modern human jaw bone with teeth has also been excavated from the site.  Notice the turquoise that replaced the original bone during the fossilization process.



Malachite_bulldozer_driverPictured here is the heavy equipment operator who first unearthed this remarkable fine of human bones in the same rock strata that dinosaur bones are found at Dinosaur National Monument.





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A remarkable discovery near Montrose, Colorado, shows human bones buried in the same Dakota Sandstone, the same rock strata where thousands of dinosaur fossils have been discovered nearby at Dinosaur National Monument.

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