Anasazi rock art at Bridges National Monument in Utah.

This petroglyph was found at Bridges National Monument in Utah.  With it's long neck and small head, it looks very similar to the Brontosaurus.


Petroglyph of what appears to be a dinosaur Edmontosaurus.  Discovered in the Grand Canyon.

The picture above was taken in Grand Canyon.  This petroglyph (carved rock drawing) was found in Arizona's Havasupai Canyon.  To the right is an artist's depiction of the Edmontosaurus.

Many ancient rock drawings depict strange, dragon-like creatures.  Did they see things we don't see today?

Above is a close-up photo of one of the interesting "dinosaur" petroglyphs near Middle Mesa at the Wupatki National Park near Flagstaff, Arizona. 


Pictograph of what appears to be an ancient Stegosaur Dinosaur.  This can be seen at Lake Superior Provincial Park in Canada.

This pictograph (painted art work) is found at Lake Superior Provincial Park in Ontario, Canada.  Notice how similar it looks to a stegosaur!


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Over 1,000 years ago, Native Americans called Anasazi made pictures of dinosaurs on rocks found in numerous locations of North America.  They are fascinating pictographs and petroglyphs and tell an amazing story!








Petroglyphs are ancient figures carved into rock.  They are preserved as permanent records of what the ancient artists must have seen.









We need to remember that these rock pictures were made long before we had modern artist drawings of dinosaurs.  There were no copies of National Geographic around to inspire the native artists!









Enhanced picture showing the details of what appears to be a pictograph of a stegosaur dinosaur in Canada.