Dinosaur tracks abound in the Palauxy River Valley where dinosaur and human tracks have been found together in the same rock strata!

Dinosaur tracks in the riverbed of the Paluxy River near Glen Rose, Texas.


Some of the human footprints are embedded right inside huge dinosaur tracks.  They were obviously here at the same time before the mud dried and became fossilized.

Some of the tracks reveal human footprints right inside the dinosaur footprints!



Every kid and even the cartoon figure Grimm can tell you that you have to make marks in concrete while it is still wet.

The same is true of the human and dinosaur prints found in the rock of the Paluxy River . . . both man and dino must have been there at approximately the same time before the mud dried!


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There are many dinosaur tracks found all over the area near Glen Rose, Texas.  The the Puluxy River Valley is a literal treasure chest filled with them.

Dinosaur tracks near Glen Rose, Texas.

The tracks were made when the dinosaurs walked through mud.  Later the mud hardened and after being filled with sand and other materials from a large flood, the tracks turned into rock.  This is a lasting record of what was here when the mud was soft.



The human footprints are very large and are thought to be made from persons that were eight feet tall.  Other "giant" artifacts and footprints have been found in different places all over the world!


Grim has a wild imagination!

Footprints in concrete is similar to the historical footprints made by dinosaurs and humans in the same rock strata.  They had to be there at the same approximate time!