Ancient artist must have seen creatures thousands of years ago that we no longer see!

Ancient artwork from all over the world shows clear details of creatures we thought existed millions and millions of years ago.

Thousands of ceramic dinosaur figurines have been found in Mexico and Peru.

Similar dinosaur figurines are found in Lima, Peru.

The evidence that man and dinosaurs lived on the earth at the same time is overwhelming.  Perhaps our evolutionary philosophy about the earth being millions and millions of years old is wrong.

Dinosaur tapestry discovered in one of the ancient tombs in Peru.  Notice the dinosaur features.

Above is a beautiful tapestry that was woven about 1,250 years ago.  It was found in one of the Nazca tombs of Peru and can be seen at the museum in Lima.

The most remarkable find is in the next display! 

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"The Dinosaur Display features fascinating information about dinosaurs and answers the questions: How long ago did dinosaurs roam the planet? and Did dinosaurs and man ever walk together on earth?."

"Native Americans made dinosaur figurines thousands of years ago. Did dinosaurs and man ever walk together on earth?."


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Dinosaur figurine found near Acambaro, Mexico.







Dr. Javier Cabrera, a medical doctor from Lima, Peru, had a remarkable collection of ancient dinosaur artwork. 

This Ica Stone is one of many stones that depict dinosaurs!

Over 50,000 incredible "Ica Stones" have been discovered since 1961 and many of them show pictures and engravings of dinosaurs!

This Ica Stone found in Peru, shows a human and a ferocious dinosaur.

This "Ica Stone" even shows a man with a dinosaur!