Charles Darwin was born in 1809 in Shrewsbury, England.  His famous book The Origin of Species was first printed in 1859 and began the modern philosophical movement known as evolution.

It was during a five-year research trip aboard the HMS Beagle, that Darwin formulated his belief that over millions and millions of years, animals have slowly evolved from a single species or life source.

Darwin's five year trip ended on October 2, 1836 and had taken him thousands of miles around the world.

His observation of Finches in the Galapagos Islands showed that some of the birds had developed much stronger beaks from eating hard seeds instead of insects.

It should be noted that changes amongst the species is not MACRO EVOLUTION which scientists have now shown is impossible.  There has never been a change from one species to another and there is NO EVIDENCE amongst the millions of fossils that one species developed from another.

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"Charles Darwin is recognized for developing the Theory of Evolution. His study of wildlife led him to believe that life evolved slowly over millions of years. 

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We call the changes that take place within a species "MICRO EVOLUTION" and these changes can especially be seen amongst dogs:


Wolfs, dogs and coyotes are all from the same family or species!






























The Origin of Species