For hundreds of years, people thought that Mount Sinai was located in the southern tip of the of the Sinai Peninsula (see red "X" above.  But after many archeological digs in the area, it has been concluded that there was never an encampment there.

The Bible clearly teaches that the real Mount Sinai is in the land of Midian.  Galatians 4:25 even declares that Mount Sinai is in Arabia, on the opposite side of the Gulf of Aqaba which is part of the Red Sea.


The Red Sea is very similar to the Grand Canyon in that it is extremely deep.


If God had not prepared the underwater land bridge from Neweiba Beach across the Red Sea to the land of Midian, Moses and the people would have perished at the hand of Pharaoh's soldiers.

Perhaps it would be good to remember that just as God cared for His ancient people, He cares for us today!  David, the Shepherd King of Israel once declared -- "This I know, that God is FOR me."  Psalm 56:9


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For years, people have tried to guess where Moses and the people of Israel passed through the waters and Pharaoh's army was totally destroyed.

Many people try to deny that God performed a miracle and held back the waters of the Red Sea as the people passed through on dry ground.  Some have thought that the Red Sea crossing may have just been the "Sea of Reeds" with very shallow water . . . easily walked across.

 If the people passed safely through the shallow waters of the Sea of Reeds, an even greater miracle took place . . . God drowned an army estimated to be over 250,000 soldiers and horse drawn war chariots!


Underwater land bridge provided by God for the saving of His people and the judgment of those who defied Him!























































































Chariot Wheels have been discovered in the Red Sea confirming the incredible story of Moses leading the Hebrews out of the slavery of Egypt.

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