The evidence may surprise you!


The Bible records a time when wickedness was so great upon the earth, that God moved in quick judgment and all were lost with the exception of one family that trusted the Lord and lived in righteousness.

"And God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.  And it repented the LORD that He had made man on the earth, and it grieved Him at His heart.  And the LORD said, I will destroy man whom I have created from the face of the earth; both man, and beast, and the creeping thing, and the fowls of the air; for it repenteth Me that I have made them."       Genesis 6:5-7

Noah's world-wide flood as the "fountains of the great deep were broken up, and the windows of heaven were opened."  Genesis 7:11

Evidence of a catastrophic, world-wide flood can be seen everywhere.

Billions of fossilized bones are found all over the earth and we know that they were preserved as they were entombed in massive layers of mud.

Fossil fuels add even more evidence that the world which was once a jungle paradise, was destroyed by water and mud.

Many scientists now believe that the Grand Canyon was not made by a little water over millions of years . . . but by a tremendous amount of water in a short period of time.  The Kaibab Plateau was formed by layers of silt from the flood and became a dam that held back over 33,000 square miles of water.  When the waters of the flood were receding because of the upward thrust of the Rocky Mountains and the forming of the ocean canyons, the dam broke and formed one of the greatest wonders of the world.

The Bible tells us that the "fountains of the great deep were broken up and the windows of heaven were opened."  Genesis 7:11  Dr. Walt Brown, Ph.D., a retired NASA scientist, has written a wonderful book describing the Hydroplate Theory (see video).  It is called "In The Beginning, Compelling Evidence for Creation and the Flood." (see on line edition)

Dr. Brown believes that there is evidence that "About half the water now in the oceans was once in interconnected chambers about 10 miles below the earth's surface . . . with less water on the earth's surface, Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas were joined across what is now the Atlantic Ocean."

This helps explain how so many fossil fuel oil reserves are found under present day bodies of water like the Gulf of Mexico.  The flood in Noah's day was a catastrophic world-wide event!









Subterranean water that caused the flood.           Breaking up of the fountains of  

the deep.

Some people ask the question . . . "Was there really enough water to cover the entire world?"  FACT:  If there were no mountains nor deep valleys in the ocean the earth would be relatively flat and there would be over 8,800 feet of water . . . everywhere!  That is water over a mile and a half deep!  Scientist tells us that the Rocky Mountains and many others give evidence of uplift . . . in rather recent history.  Many believe that the uplift of the mountains and the sinking of the oceant canyons caused a rapid run-off of the flood waters and formed the Grand Canyon plus many other incredible sites!

But what about Noah's Ark . . . is there any evidence it really existed?  

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"Some people think that the account of Noah and a huge boat is just fiction. What is the truth? Was there really a world-wide flood? The evidence may surprise you!"

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Some people believe that the account of Noah and a huge boat is just fiction.