For a number of years now, photos of huge human skeletons have been circulated on the internet.

The skeptics first response is "I doubt it" . . . or "Impossible!"

Some people, however, look at such photos and are reminded of Biblical claims of giants.  We read in Genesis 6:4, that before Noah's Flood "there were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bore children to them, the same became mighty men, who were of old, men of renown."

Many Bible scholars believe that there was a time when angelic (demonic) beings somehow indwelt human bodies and became sexually involved with earthly women . . . the result being giant creatures . . . half human and half demon (often referred to as "nephilim" or "rephaim"). 

The New Testament Epistle of Jude (verses 6 and 7) refers to fallen angels "who kept not their first estate".    2 Peter 2:4 even tells us " . . . God spared not the angels that sinned, but cast them down to hell, and delivered them into chains of darkness, to be reserved unto judgment."  I like to think of these demonic creatures, like dogs in heat are chained up to keep them away from other dogs . . . so these demonic beings are apparently chained in darkness and restricted from human intervention . . . at least for now. 

Scripture seems to indicate that they are kept in chains for a future day of judgment . . . that is, they are today restricted from human intermarriage so that they cannot multiply offspring that would be half human and half devil.  But they may once again be released during a time of terrible judgment on earth.

Is it possible that these demonic creatures will one day return to earth?  Revelation 9:1-12 tells of a horrible day when hideous, demonic spirits will be released upon planet earth during the future days of Tribulation.  One can only imagine the horrific events that would occur when the fury of hell is unleashed upon unbelieving mankind.


The the purpose of this particular article is not to project future days of human calamity but to consider the photographs that seem to depict huge giant skeletons from creatures that walked on earth long ago.

Answers In Genesis has done the Christian community a great service in investigating and reporting on two of the photographs:

"Basically, what is reported is that a gas company in Saudi Arabia or a group of archaeologists in Greece have uncovered the remains of giants. The reports are illustrated with photos of a dig site containing very large human skeletons. At first glance, these photographs look convincing. Then, without looking further into the matter, well-meaning people begin to use this as “proof” that the biblical text in Genesis 6:4 and/or Numbers 13:33 are true.

However, the photographs in question are faked. They are the product of a competition for digital photographers who were trying to create an archaeological hoax. This innocent competition’s photos were then used as the basis for a very widespread Internet hoax.

Closer examination of the photos will reveal several anomalies, but here we shall examine only two.

(To the right) is a photo of a supposed giant found in Saudi Arabia:









Here is the next altered photograph. Note the giant skull slightly above center:

Here is the original photograph. This is from a University of Chicago dig site in Africa (photo credit: Paul C. Sereno/University of Chicago):

Note the mysterious absence of the giant skull in this image. So, another fraud is exposed.

Additionally, if these were real skeletal finds, just think of the publicity that would ensue. The scientist finding actual giants would be the toast of the world of anthropology. His academic career would be made. It would be on every newscast and in every magazine.

There were giants in those days. The Bible plainly tells us as much. We need not rely upon fables and fabrications to make our case in this regard.

Obviously, this is an argument the Christian should not use.

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Giant Skeletons . . . are the photographs real or fake?  The Bible clearly states that were were "giants on the earth in those days" . . . but we want to be discerning in reporting true and accurate discoveries and not perpetuate man-made hoaxes.  Copyright 2012











If you look closely, you will notice that the man is holding a shovel handle with no shovel on it. It would be very difficult to dig in that fashion.

Here is the original photo:

This is a photo of a site where a mastodon skeleton is being removed.





Research on the legitimatality of the two photographs was performed  by Answers in Genesis scientist Dr. Tommy Mitchell and reported on July 27, 2010.  He further stated:

Why would we advise against using some arguments that appear to support creation? Simply put, some arguments are wrong, even if what they are arguing for is ultimately right. We would do a disservice to our witness for Christ by knowingly using bad argumentation—effectively bearing false witness—even if those arguments are used to support the truth of the Bible.


We that hold to the accuracy of the Biblical record must be diligent in our reporting of the facts.  I believe there were once giants on the earth, NOT BECAUSE OF A PHOTOGRAPH, BUT BECAUSE OF THE BIBLICAL RECORD ITSELF. 

I do not need fragments from Noah's Ark to believe in the Genesis Flood . . . I believe in the accuracy of Scripture.  On the other hand, evidence abounds all over the earth that there was a catastrophic event that points to a massive, world-wide flood . . . but we that hold to Biblical accuracy must be discerning on what we report.

We at Discovery News are committed to truth and we pray that God would help us to discern between fact and fable.  Our thanks to Answers in Genesis for their factual research and reporting.


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EDITORS ADDITIONAL NOTE:  Within 24 hours after posting this article on the web site, I have received numerous emails . . . one from a family who is providing lodging for a young man who recently moved to the U.S. from Africa.  Apparently, in his homeland of Chad, it is common knowledge amongst the people that many  huge human skeletons  have been found and reported . . .

Another email claimed that giant bones given to the Smithsonian have never been put on display and are "lost" . . . apparently the finding of such creatures causes problems with those supporting the claims of evolution . . .

SO . . . the search for the truth about these interesting creatures is just beginning . . . I will report what I discover . . .  Chuck Anderson



















GIANTS . . . Real or Fake?