"OOP ART" is defined as "Out Of Place Artifacts."  Some people laughingly refer to "Oop Art" as "Oooops . . . what is this doing here?"  

Some very interesting human artifacts have been discovered in some very strange places. 


This BRASS BELL was found in an underground coal deposit in West Virginia.  How did a human artifact get buried in coal a hundred feet below the surface of the earth?

There is only one logical explanation:  At the time of Noah's Flood, there were people living in the area where the coal mine is now located.  The people, along with their utinsels and possessions were swept away by an unbelievably violent and destructive flood and were buried amongst tons and tons of animals and plants.



This IRON POT was also discovered in a highly unlikely spot!

This is the lump of coal from which the pot was recovered.  Notice that the coal still holds the "image" of the pot.



HAMMER HEAD and HANDLE were found in Cretaceous Rock Strata in the Paluxy River Valley near Glen Rose, Texas.  According to evolutionary philosophers, the rock that held it was  supposedly 140 million years old . . . the same strata where many dinosaur tracks and human tracks have been found!

QUESTION:  Were there really people on earth 140 million years ago . . . or is there something wrong with the millions of years dating system?



Petrified Wood with human notch

What is a piece of petrified wood found in Arizona's Petrified Forest doing with a man-made notch?  Is it possible this piece of wood was chopped by a person living before the big flood in Noah's day?

This amazing "Oop Art" is proof that the process of fossilization does not take millions and millions of years!





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"Many human artifacts have been discovered in places where they are not supposed to be such as deep in coal mines and in Cretaceous rock formations which are supposedly millions of years old."


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In 1944, a ten year-old boy found this bell in a lump of coal that was mined in West Virginia.  How did a man-made bell get in a coal mine hundreds of feet below the surface of the earth?  Did man exist 300 million years ago when this coal was supposedly made? 



Coal deposits were  made from the remains of animals and plants . . . that is why coal is often called a "fossil fuel."  Artifacts such as this brass bell were buried in these underground coal deposits.





In 1912, this iron pot was discovered in a large piece of coal in Thomas, Oklahoma. 

Like the brass bell and other human artifacts found in coal mines, something is wrong with the geologic time line as proposed by evolutionary philosophers.


Scients have now presented evidence that coal formed very quickly because of the action of a catastrophic flood about 4,000 years ago.  This was illustrated in the Mt. St. Helens volcano which erupted May 18,  1980.







Another interesting human artifact is the hammer head that was found with it's handle protruding out from solid rock.

This is known as the London Hammer Head because it was found near London, Texas.












It is quite apparent that petrified wood was formed as a result of Noah's Flood . . . 4,000 years ago . . . not  millions and millions of years ago as taught by the theory of evolution.










This fossilized human finger was found in Cretaceous rock which evolutionists claim is over 140 million years old.  Were there humans on earth 140 million years ago?  We would be wise to consider the Biblical teaching of Creation!










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